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We offer Mens, Womens and Mixed teams for all skill levels, ranging from beginners to experiences players (ages 16 years and over) on Thursday evenings from 6 to 10pm. 
  • Registrations for the Autumn Season are now closed!

    Feel free to register your interest for the upcoming season below! 

    registeR YOUR INTEReST

    Register as an individual!

    You can also register your interest for the current season directly through our spawtz platform. Once your details are in the system, teams can then get in contact with you if they are looking for additional players.

    Please note, by registering as an individual, this does not put you in a team. 


  • Games will be played on Thursday evenings.

    Game start times
    6pm, 6:40pm, 7:20pm, 8pm, 8:40pm and 9:20pm
    All registered teams are expected to be available to play at these times.


    Fixtures will be completed and posted after registrations are closed to ensure fairness of game times to all teams. Senior competitions will start from 6pm and finish at 10pm. 


  • Payment

    Teams will be required to nominate a credit card prior to the commencement of your first game, which will debit the day before your game, on a week by week basis. The weekly game fee is $71 per team, no registration fees. ​


    All forfeits the day prior to your match will incur your regular game fee ($71). Forfeits the same day of your game will incur an additional $71 fee ($142).  


    At the end of the season, you can decide whether your team continues on in to the next. If you wish to withdraw mid-season, you will lose your $210 fee. 

    No refunds will be provided unless in extenuating circumstances. 

  • Need help adding a player, making a payment or finding fill-players? Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to best manage your team through the Spawtz portal. 

    Manage your team
  • Below is the Autumn Season timeline:
    Start date Tuesday 26 April
    Grading periodTuesday 26 April to Thursday 5 May
    Season games Monday 9 May to Thursday 30 June
    Semi-finals Monday 4 July to Thursday 7 July
    Grand-finals Monday 11 July to Thursday 14 July
    Season endsThursday 14 July
  • All participants play at their own risk. 

    Game start times are: 
    6:00pm, 6:40pm, 7:20pm, 8:00pm, 8:40pm & 9:20pm
    All registered teams are expected to be available to play at these times.

    Player and spectator behaviour

    The moment you set foot in Cockburn ARC Sports Stadium, you have become a custodian of our sporting community.  Players and spectators must understand that they are just as responsible for creating a positive and inclusive environment as administrators and referees.  Anti-social and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by your teammates, opposition players, spectators, officials and competition organisers alike, and individuals who fail to acknowledge their responsibility to maintaining this social environment for all will only be making participation less enjoyable for themselves and others.
    Any on or off-court incidents deemed to be anti-social will be dealt with accordingly and at the discretion of the Sports Team Leader, Programs Coordinator and/or an authorised representative of the Cockburn ARC.  This may include ejection from the playing arena, short and long term suspensions, and if necessary, permanent banning from the Cockburn ARC for offending individuals and/or teams.

    Spirit of the game

    At Cockburn ARC, the focus will always be on getting games to go ahead so that all teams can enjoy the consistency of knowing they have an opposition to play each week.  This will occasionally result in cross-division fixtures, teams coming off of a bye or teams being asked to play twice in an evening.  The allocating of competition points in such cases will be managed by the Team Sports Leader.
    We want to foster a social environment where everyone can feel like they are free to participate.  Players from any team during the regular season are welcome to fill in for any other side.  However, this is only permissible when a team is short of regular players (it is an expectation that teams uphold the spirit of the game).
    Players are welcome to feature in multiple sides during the regular season (including within the same division).  However, if a player qualifies for finals for two sides in the same division, he or she may only represent one team during the subsequent finals series (semi-finals and grand finals).
    Referees and the Sports Team Leader reserve the right to deny a player from playing within, or ‘filling in’, for another team. Such decisions will be based on a perception of fairness for the opposition team, and will be a judgement call made by the Referee or Sports Team Leader at the time.

    Gameplay regulations

    All FIVB rules apply unless stated otherwise in the Cockburn ARC By-Laws.
     1. Gameplay Length
    1.1 All games comprise of three sets played in 40-minute period; when time expires and the rally is continuing, play will continue until the point is considered “dead”.
    1.2 The first 2 sets are played to 25 points, with the third set played to 15 points in the event the first 2 sets are drawn.

    2. Team Management
    2.1 All players must be sixteen years or older to participate.
    2.2 The maximum number of players on court per team at any given time is six (6)
    2.3 The minimum number of players on court without forfeiting is five (5).
    2.4 Players may make a substitution at the end of a point only, and the referee must be made aware of it.
    2.4.1 The nominated team captain may ask for rule clarification when the point is considered over.

    3. General Rules
    Points will be scored using the rally system, in that if a team wins the rally, regardless of the serving team, they win the point and will continue to serve until they have lost the point.
    A team must be two (2) points ahead to win the set. Unless time has elapsed, an additional point will be played to determine the winner.
    If neither team has reached a minimum of eight (8) points in any given set when time runs out, the set shall be deemed incomplete.
    If a team has reached a minimum of eight (8) points and is ahead in points by at least two (2) points by the end of the game, then they will have won the game.

    4. Game Management Procedure - Misconduct and Sanctions
    4.1. This is classified into three categories as per the Cockburn ARC by-laws (modified from FIVB Official Rules of the Game): -Unsporting conduct
    Abusive language
    Undue rough play/resisting/striking/attempted striking.
    4.2 Sanction Scale: warning, “sending off”, or ejection (as per Cockburn ARC by-laws wording)
    4.2.1 Warning: the first instance of unsporting conduct will result in a yellow card, a loss of the point and the service awarded to the opposing team.
    4.2.2 Expulsion or “sending off”: the second instance of unsporting conduct will result in a red card, and the player shall not play for the remainder of the set.
    4.2.3 Ejection: the third instance of unsporting conduct or abusive language and/or undue rough play or physical aggression will result in a red and yellow card held together, and the player must be substituted off the court, and leave the center immediately for the rest of the match, as per Cockburn ARC by-laws.
    4.3 In the event a team has less than the maximum number of players required to continue gameplay after a player has been ejected, they will be required to complete the game with a minimum of five (5) players to avoid a forfeit.
    4.4 In extenuating circumstances, the referee may call off the game according to the Cockburn ARC by-laws.

    All rules are as per the official FIVB rules, with minor amendments intended to enhance the playing experience at Cockburn ARC.  Please consult your Sports Team Leader or Supervisor for specific rule clarification by calling 9411 3363 or email sport@cockburnarc.com.au

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