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School age classes

Swimming lessons for all levels in a state of the art facility.

We provide a unique program which will see your child:
  • Develop a love of swimming for fitness and health
  • Develop strong technique across all strokes
  • Gain confidence in all types of water and develop a strong understanding of water safe behaviour
  • Graduate with the necessary skills for entry into competitive swimming and squad programs if required

As no child develops in the same way, your child will move through each of our 7 levels at their own pace.


We don't operate under a term structure, so you can enrol today and start tomorrow. That means that if for any reason you want to move on, you don't need to wait until the end of term, you just need to provide us with notice by the Tuesday before the next direct debit run. We run throughout the year, except for Christmas, Easter and a break in July, which means you can still enjoy your class during most school holidays.

We also allow you to take a break from your membership and we will hold your place in the class for $5.50 a week.


All Swim ARCademy memberships cost $19 per week per child paid via fortnightly direct debit. As a member of Swim ARCademy, you will have one 30 minute lesson with an instructor per week, as well as unlimited use of the recreational pools throughout the week.

Getting started

We offer an online class matcher tool so that you can find the perfect class for your child. Once completed, it will show you the available class times for that level, and then you can enrol and pay online to get started.

Start the class matcher tool

You should only use our class matcher if you're new to Swim ARCademy! If you're already enrolled but looking to change levels or class times, please contact us at swim@cockburnarc.com.au or 08 9411 3344. Alternatively, you can fill in our Change your Swim ARCademy class form

Program Details

Our levels and Pre-Squad
We have 7 levels in our learn to swim program for school ages as well as a transition class if your little ones are new to the program.

 WETLANDERS (3 - 5 years)

Wetlanders is a transition class aimed at easing the journey between parent/child classes to independent teacher/child classes. You will be slowly transitioned out of the water as your child's confidence grows.


Our first level is all about ensuring a strong foundation. We focus on floating, gliding, breathing and confidence in being underwater, so from here swimmers are ready to add on new elements.


Next we really work on kicks, which is crucial to a swimmer's stroke. We look at ensuring a strong technique across all primary strokes.


It's time to add on arms! Once combined, swimmers will develop strong, coordinated movement through the water.


Mastering breathing and timing can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning to swim. Our drive class is dedicated to ensuring swimmers are completely at ease in this area.


Now all the primary strokes are perfected, we look at increasing the distances and improving each swimmer's individual technique.


Continuing with distance drills and technique, swimmers will also focus on safety and how to respond to a variety of aquatic emergencies.


Our final level prepares students for future opportunities such as water sport, competitions and squad programs. We focus on distance and overall fitness in a pre-squad team setting.


Following Graduate we offer a pre-squad program. It’s for kids who have finished our graduate program and want to keep swimming, but don’t want to commit to a formal squads program. We’ll assist with further refining your stroke and keep you fit and focused. Ideal for swimming carnival preparation!

bronze-110x100.png BRONZE

An introduction to squad swimming. The primary focus is on learning competitive strokes and race techniques, with emphasis on stroke technique, teamwork, basic training, etiquette, and discipline.

silver-110x110.png SILVER 

Maintains an emphasis on stroke technique while incorporating more aerobic endurance and racing skills. Our instructors encourage and teach the lifelong love and appreciation of swimming as we introduce the swimmers to more advanced drills, preparing them for Gold Squad.

gold-110x110.png GOLD
For swimmers who have personal ambitions to reach higher fitness goals. This pre-squad trains at high intensity, with a focus on three main areas of improvement: swimming technique, strength, and endurance. 
Program structure - ongoing enrolment

Swim ARCademy operates as an ongoing rather than term based program.

  • Once you have have completed the online class matcher tool, your child can start right away.
  • If we think a student is ready to move up to a new level, then they move up at that time. No more waiting until the end of term.
  • We run throughout the year to ensure skills constantly develop, and there are no disruptions. It becomes a consistent part of every week to come to the centre and progress through the program
  • You can access the pools outside of your lesson (member and spectator) as a part of your membership. Perfect for a casual swim in the holidays or a hot day!
  • Payment is fortnightly, spreading your financial commitment throughout the year. Payment is by direct debit or credit card fortnightly, with your first two weeks up front
  • We shut down over peak holiday periods at Christmas and Easter and do not operate on public holidays. If your lesson falls on these days you will not be charged.
Class numbers

The maximum number of students in a class for each level are:

Activate, Build, Commit - 4 to 5
Drive, Excel - 6
Finesse, Graduate - 8
Pre-Squad - 10
Class timetable

Classes run for 30 minutes each, every day of the week, morning and evening. The below table shows the current class times: 

ClassWeekdays AMWeekdays PMWeekends
Activate8:55am - 12:55pm3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Build8:55am - 12:55pm3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Commit9:30 - 12:20pm (Fridays only)3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Drive-3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Excel-3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Finesse-3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm
Graduate-3:15 - 7:10pm7:25am - 2:45pm

Class availability is constantly changing. We recommend phoning the centre prior to your visit or see one of our friendly staff at reception to enquire about recent availability. 

Classes must start within 7 days of your online enrolment.

Like to know more?

Contact us at:
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We acknowledge a continuing connection to land, waters and culture and pay our respects to the Elders, past and present.

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