Learn through play, with PlayActive.

PlayActive is a unique program for young children aged from 6 months to 3 years and their parents that recognises that play is an important part of a child’s growth and learning.

The program develops the whole child and their individual growth. Our classes include both structured and unstructured formats, based on Perceptual Motor Program activities which uses music and movement to develop the body and brain.  

Age/Development groups

Bouncy Bubs - 6-12 months
Toddle Tots - 12 - 18 months
Wiggle and Walk - 18 - 24
Two Can Do - 2 years+

These age groupings are a guide only, your child will progress through the classes as they meet developmental milestones, rather than strictly by age.

Each class accommodates 15 children.


$150 for a ten week term. 

PlayActive operates through the school term, and you can enrol any time throughout the term. The cost of a ten week term is $150, and if you start later, you will only pay the pro rata amount. Classes do not run on public holidays.


Our PlayActive sessions are held in the Bandicoots Play Centre. We begin our 50 minute session with a welcome song, then we work our way through a circuit of fun activities, and finish up with 15 minutes of 'Shake it off' time in the play centre.

Our PlayActive Leader will explain each activity and will then encourage your child as they progress through each activity at their own pace with parental assistance.

The program is also about you, the parent. Learn more about your child and what experiences they will benefit from and why. More than one parent/guardian is most welcome to attend our sessions, and creche facilities are available for siblings. 

You can enrol at any time

Please book online and we will then contact you for payment to complete your enrolment

Book into a Play Active class
Date and Time Monday Thursday
9:20 Wiggle and Walk Toddle Tots
10:20 Two Can Do Wiggle and Walk
11:20 Toddle Tots Two Can Do
12:20 Bouncy Bubs Bouncy Bubs

Like a trial?

You can do a once off trial for $15. Choose the class you are interested in and come along to creche reception beforehand. 

Contact Us

For more information please email or phone 9411 3344