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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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    • The casual lockers are unavailable.

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    • We're experiencing issues with our Warm Water Pool availability. Please click the link below to view this.

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    Today's Opening Hours 17 August 2022
    • Carnaby's Club Crèche

      8:45 AM - 12:45 PM
    • General Entry and Aquatics

      5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
    • Plunge+Co Café

      6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Gym (staffed hours)

      5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
    • Waterslides

    • Bandicoots Play Centre

    • Stadium

      5:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Conditions of Entry

Entry to this facility is conditional on members and visitors complying with these terms and conditions.
General Entry

Conditions of Entry

  1. Customers are admitted to the Cockburn Aquatic & Recreation Centre at their own risk.
  2. There are conditions of use specific to each area of the facility, customers are required to read and abide by these conditions that are located throughout the facility.
  3. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at any time or to remove any person who is reasonably suspected of disruptive or disorderly conduct – including, but not limited to; verbally or physically threatening staff or other customers; swearing aloud; acting inappropriately; and gaining or attempting to gain unauthorised and/or wrongful access.
  4. Management reserves the right to conduct random bag checks or obligatory checks on all bags including eskies.
  5. Children eleven (11) years and under entering the aquatic facility must be supervised by an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.
  6. Children six (6) years and under must be accompanied in the water and within arm’s reach of an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.
  7. Management is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property. Please use lockers; they are available for hire to keep your belongings safe.
  8. You may be filmed or photographed while in the centre for promotional purposes by Cockburn ARC approved media.
  9. You may also be filmed or photographed via security cameras.
  10.  This is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted within the indoor or outdoor areas of the centre. Smoking is also not permitted within five (5) metres of the building.
  11.  Drugs and alcohol are strictly not permitted in the facility, nor is anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  12.  The use of all cameras, including smart phones, is prohibited in all change rooms.
  13.  This is a glass free facility; only bring in plastic water bottles.
Health Club and Group Fitness

Health Club Conditions of Entry

  1. The gym is a user pays facility, a valid membership or casual entry fee applies for access.
  2. Access bands or fobs must not be used by anyone other than the person it has been assigned to, a penalty may apply for misuse.
  3. You need to use a towel every visit that is large enough to cover a gym bench.
  4. Please follow the conditions applicable to your membership type.
  5. All members and casual users must follow the gym etiquette and direction of staff at all times.

Health Club Etiquette

  1. You need to use a towel every visit. Your towel must be large enough to cover a gym bench. Place it on the equipment before use and also use it to wipe down afterwards.
  2. Please wipe your sweatiness away with the wipes provided.
  3. If you use equipment, please put it away afterwards.
  4. Keep cardio to 20 minutes max.
  5. It’s great that you are tracking your workouts on your phone, but please hop off the equipment if you're taking a break and checking your phone.
  6. Please share equipment so everyone can get through their workout.
  7. Please use the lockers to store your bags and valuables (no bags on gym floor).

Group Fitness Etiquette

  1. Only our fabulous members and casual visitors can access our classes.
  2. First timers, please say hello! If you’re pregnant or have any injuries, please speak up too.
  3. Only you can be you, if you know what I mean. No substitutes.
  4. Everyone needs a ticket. Full stop.
  5. Be early. If you’re late, you’ll be watching from the outside.
  6. Kids need to be booked into the crèche or be somewhere else.
  7. We’ve got great lockers, so use them.
  8. Please bring the right gear for each class.
  9. Ask us if you have questions.
  10.  Phones are to be silent, say no more. Yep, that’s a pun.
  11.  Tell us if there are any problems. We’re here to help.

Aquatics Conditions of Entry

  1. No running. Please walk.
  2. No bombies, or rough play.
  3. Diving only where allowed.
  4. No food or drink in the pools.
  5. Cameras or mobile phones cannot be used in change rooms, or elsewhere unless under management supervision.
  6. Shower before entering the pool, sauna, spa or steam room.
  7. Wear suitable, clean swimwear.
  8. Children who ordinarily wear nappies, need to wear an aqua nappy.
  9. Children eleven (11) years and under entering the aquatics facility must be supervised by an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.
  10.  Children six (6) years and under must be accompanied in the water and within arm's reach by an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.
  11.  Children six (6) years and under are allowed in opposite-sex change facilities.
  12.  Lifeguard directions must be adhered to at all times.
  13.  The outside pool may be evacuated due to poor weather conditions at the discretion of management.
  14.  If you have suffered gastroenteritis or an infectious disease, please do not use the aquatic facilities.
  15.  Lifeguards may ask you to move from recreational areas at their discretion.
  16.  No use of hygiene products in pool deck showers.
  17.  Swimwear must be worn in public showers at all times.

Spa, Sauna and Steam Room Conditions of Entry

  1. The spa pool is a heated water environment, if you are concerned that it may adversely affect your health it is your responsibility to seek medical advice.
  2. Never put your head under the water.
  3. Children under the age of sixteen (16) are not permitted to use the spa, sauna or steam room.
  4. It’s recommended that you use the spa for no longer than 15 minutes.
  5. Wristbands must be worn in this area.
  6. Pregnant women are advised not to use the spa, sauna or steam room.
  7. Hair or skin treatments or newspapers or paper products are not permitted.
  8. Please shower before entering the spa, sauna or steam room.
  9. Do not pour water on the sauna elements or rocks.
  10.  Please sit on a towel whilst in the sauna.
  11.  Do not use scented oils in the sauna or steam room.

Lap Lane Etiquette

  1. Swimming is clockwise. Follow your fellow swimmers.
  2. Please choose the appropriate lane for your speed.
  3. Fast Lane - under 60 seconds per lap. Medium Lane - under 80 seconds per lap. Slow Lane - over 80 seconds per lap.
  4. If you are passed by or are passing other swimmers, swap to a slower or faster lane.
  5. Wait 5 seconds after the swimmer in front has started.
  6. Stand to the side of the lane while resting.
  7. Please listen to the lifeguard if they ask you to swap lanes.

Warm Water Pool Age Restrictions

Children under 16 years of age are only allowed to access the warm water pool under the following conditions:

  • Those in Cockburn ARC approved programs in the wellness area eg swimming lessons.
  • Those undertaking specific injury exercises that require a hot water pool.
  • A letter from a doctor or allied health professional outlining the reasons for aquatic therapy is required to be provided to staff prior to attending Cockburn ARC to undertake the rehabilitation exercises.
  • Spectators of a sibling in a Cockburn ARC run program. They must be supervised by a parent or guardian who is also a spectator.

Conditions of Entry

  1. The stadium is a user pays facility, a valid membership or casual entry fee is required.
  2. Management reserves the right to conduct random bag checks or obligatory checks on all bags.
  3. Management reserves the right to suspend or expel players, customers and spectators from the sports courts or social competitions.
Casual users: Please go to reception to gain entry.


  1. Please display sportsmanship to everyone.
  2. Everyone must register to play team sport.
  3. No food or drink permitted on the stadium floor.
  4. Clean, non-marking shoes to be worn on court, this is a heel free zone.
  5. Please wipe your feet on mats provided.
  6. No food or drink (other than water) permitted beyond this point.
Bandicoots Play Centre

Conditions of Entry

  1. Our Play Centre is staffed with a trained PlayTime Attendant, however parents/guardians are required to stay for the duration of play.
  2. No unsupervised children allowed.
  3. Once you have exited the Play Centre, your wristband will be removed and re-entry is not permitted.
  4. Children must be 8 or younger to use the Play Centre.
  5. Only babies can use the Baby Play Zone.
  6. No food or drink or chewing gum is allowed in the Play Centre.
  7.  Bare feet only while on the play structure.
  8.  Do not climb the netting or up the slides.
  9.  Babies under 12 months are free to enter, however they must be accompanying a paying child and guardian.
  10.  Management reserves the right to remove children and guardian from the Play Centre.
Indoor and Aquatic Party Rooms

Conditions of Entry

  1. Attendees cannot re-enter the Play Room once the Party Room time commences.
  2. The party room must be cleaned (chairs, tables, floors and kitchen surfaces) and rubbish removed before the conclusion of your party.
  3. The party room must be exited promptly at the conclusion of your party in order for the room to be set up for the following party.
  4. Alcohol and glass are strictly prohibited.
  5. Please do not take any furniture or equipment outside of the Party Room.
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