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Junior Sports

Welcome to Sports ARCademy.  We are all about getting kids active and participating in stadium sports. We aim to develop a life long love of team sports.

Sports ARCademy offers programs to develop kids skills in a range of sports:
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Futsal

Our programs range from coaching sessions and Friday afternoon term competitions.

If traditional sports isn't really your cup of cordial, why not join our Zumba Kids class on Wednesday arvos from 4pm? Moves are easy to follow and it's all about having fun!
  • Basketball, Netball and Futsal coaching sessions

    All coaching sessions are drop-in sessions. It’s a great way to see if your child is interested in a sport without committing to a full term. We teach kids the fundamentals of their chosen sport, with structured lesson plans taught by experienced coaches and umpires.

    All skill levels are welcome, from complete beginners to kids wanting to improve their skills or simply just have some fun! Bring your little ones along during Term 3, recommencing Tuesday 20 July. All you need to do is pay $10 at reception before your session and you’re ready to play!

    We offer two sessions:
    Give it a go beginners (Years K-2): 4 - 5pm
    Develop your game skills (Years 3-6): 5 – 6pm

    Sport of choice Tuesday Wednesday
    Netball 4pm to 5pm (Years K-2)
    5pm to 6pm (Years 3-6)
    Basketball n/a 4pm to 5pm (Years K-2)
    5pm to 6pm (Years 3-6)
    Futsal n/a 4pm to 5pm (Years K-2)
    5pm to 6pm (Years 3-6)
  • Friday Basketball competitions 

    Dust off your playing shoes and round up your friends because Friday competitions are about to fire up for Term 3, kicking off Friday 23 July from 4pm.

    Our competitions are a no fuss social sporting activity for parents and players alike and holds five divisions that are age based.
    The season runs for 10 weeks then breaks for the holiday period, resuming the first week back of school in Term 3.  

    Game times are at 4pm, 4:35pm, 5:10pm, 5:45pm and 6:20pm. Each games runs for 35 minutes. (Game times will be released shortly after registrations close, Friday 16 April). 

    Just $55 per game with no registration fees! If you're unsure where your team fits when registering, be sure to check out our age groups below. 

    Registrations for Term 3 have now closed. 

    Under 8s Ages 5 to 7
    Under 10s Ages 8 to 9
    Under 12s Ages 10 to 11
    Under 14s Ages 12 to 13 
    Under 16s Ages 14 to 15
  • Junior Sport By-Laws

    1. Interpretation

    The interpretation of these by-laws are at the discretion of Cockburn ARC Management. Sport specific rules shall apply unless otherwise provided for in these by-laws. 

    2. Team registration  

    The registration form is to be completed online and in full, and must include a nominated credit card, full names, email addresses, and contact numbers of all players as well as the team organiser. 

    3. Player eligibility

    Players must be younger than the division they are participating in. Failure to do so may result in a deduction of competition points at the discretion of the Sports Team Leader. 

    4. To play 

    4.1 A team must have the minimum number of players in order to start the match as follows, or else it shall be deemed a forfeit:  
    a) Basketball: 4 players and;
    b) Futsal: 4 players. 
    4.2 Teams are required to have paid their weekly game fee ($55) prior to taking the court for their scheduled fixture
    4.3 All teams must provide their own scorer for the duration of the match
    4.4 The team will also be responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators, including parents.  

    5. Uniform requirements

    5.1 All players in each team are required to wear conforming uniforms, including the same colour and shade
    5.2 All players participating in basketball fixtures must have numbers on the back of their jerseys. Teams will be given three weeks to be in matching uniforms
    5.4 Jewellery, watches, pins and other dangerous items cannot be worn, with the exception of medic alert bracelets (taped).  

    6. Games

    6.1 All games will be played with 16 minute halves, with fixtures starting at 4pm and finishing at 7:30pm
    6.2 Each game will start at the time according to the fixtures provided. 

    7. Participation

    7.2 Players may play for multiple teams in the competition provided it is the same grade or higher
    7.3 In the event a player qualifies for finals in two different teams in the same division, they may only play in one team for the entire finals series. 

    8. Forfeits

    8.1 Teams forfeiting a game the day before their scheduled fixture are required to pay their normal game fee only ($55)
    8.2 Teams forfeiting a game the day of their scheduled fix-ture are required to pay 2x their game fee ($110)
    8.3 If there is a forfeit, the non-offending team shall receive a credit unless they participate in a scratch match
    8.4 If a team has less than the minimum number of players required to start a match, for every minute that play is delayed, the opposing team will be awarded points/goals as follows:  
    a) Basketball: 2 points per minute and;
    b) Futsal: 1 goal every 2 minutes.
    8.5 If a team is not present to start the match within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, it shall forfeit the match.  

    9. Competition points 

    9.1 Competition points will be awarded as follows: 
    a) Win: 4 points;
    b) Loss: 1 point;
    c) Draw: 2 points;
    d) Forfeit: -2 points;
    e) Bye: 2 points and;
    f) Forfeit loss: 20-0 for basketball and 3-0 for futsal.

    10. Substitutes

    10.1 Each team is permitted to have an unlimited number of substitute players during a regular season fixture, provided all players are registered on the Spawtz online portal.  

    11. Illegal players 

    11.1 An illegal player is defined as a player under suspension, a player participating under an assumed name, and/or a player ineligible to play in a finals fixture
    11.2 The penalty for playing an illegal player is automatic for-feiture of the fixture in which the offence occurred.  

    12. Abandoned games 

    12.1 A fixture may be abandoned in extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to major injury, misconduct, and the compromising of stadium operating standards, i.e. storm damage or power failure.

    13. Finals 

    13.1 To participate in semi-finals and finals, a player must be registered and have participated in a minimum of three (3) games
    13.2 Any team with money outstanding at the end of the regular season will be ineligible to play finals
    13.3 For full finals regulations, please refer to the Senior Sport By-Laws. 

    14. Stadium misconduct 

    14.1 Players and spectators shall be subject to an incident report by Management for any form of misconduct, including but not limited to abusive language, unsportsmanlike conduct, undue rough play, and resisting, striking, and attempted striking
    14.2 Player and spectator incident reports will be reviewed by Management, which reserves the right to suspend or ban a player, team or spectator from the competition and/or stadium.  

    15. Insurance 

    15.1 All players are responsible for their own insurance, authorise Cockburn ARC to obtain medical/ambulance assistance for them in the case of an accident or emergency involving them, and agree to reimburse Cockburn ARC for all costs incurred in obtaining such assistance.

    16. Medical conditions

    All players play at their own risk.

    17. Outstanding debts

    17.1 Forfeiting teams must pay any due fines within 14 days of the forfeit date
    17.2 Any teams with outstanding debt will be contacted by a Sports Team Leader.  If a payment dispute cannot be settled, a team may be suspended from a competition until the account is settled
    17.3 Cockburn ARC reserves the right to engage a debt collection agency should an outstanding amount not be cleared by a team within  14 days of the first failed transaction. 

Have a question? 

Please provide some information and we will be in touch.

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