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Fitness Passport

What is Fitness Passport

Cockburn ARC has partnered with Fiona Stanley to supply access to their employees to our facilities. This is a staff incentive so the membership and/or casual visits will be paid for by Fiona Stanley. The two options are:

  • Sign up on a full access membership only (not just aquatic memberships)
  • Attend the pool or stadium casually. (Adults and children can have a fitness passport but are required to have there own card)
  • Adult swim, child swim and casual stadium passes are free of charge for F.P holders.
  • NO WELLNESS LOUNGE INCLUSION (upgrade can be paid)
  • Membership options will need to be passed on to the Member Service team to set up the contract. The fitness passport will need to be presented during the membership set up process.
  • If the patron is already a current Cockburn ARC member, they are able to complete a Change of Membership form, along with the Fitness Passport to transfer the membership over to receive the fitness passport benefits.
What if a Fitness Passport holder wants to come casually?

The Fitness passport holder will present their card at reception. We do not need to process their visit through POS as we have a Fitness Passport IPAD. Scan the Fitness Passport at the ipad and you will receive a green tick to say that it is approved.

Who can attend casually? Adults and Children. All members of their immediate family will be issued with their own passport ID and can log in

Do they require a photo for memberships? Yes, they cannot share their membership band the same as our members. If they are caught giving it to someone else email Bec H and she will follow up with Fiona Stanley

Can they visit multiple times per day? Yes. Each casual visit will require IPAD sign in. Members can enter as per normal

If they forget their ID what do we do? They cannot access the centre without their passport ID number and password. If they forget it they will have to go home and get it or pay for general entry.

Do they have to line up if coming casually? Yes. They can’t jump the queue

Becoming a member with Fitness passport
  1. Please call member services to see if they are free to set up a FP membership
  2. If not, we will need to book them in with member services through gym sales
  3. Please advise they will need the fitness passport with them when signing up
What is included with a fitness passport
- Adult swim, chidlren swim or stadium casual access

- Standard membership access
Do we accept ALL Fitness Passport Holders?
No- Cockburn ARC is only associated with Fiona Stanley. (their are other providers of Fitness Passports however they unfortunately don't have the same accessibilities through ARC).
Below is an example of a F.P holder:

  • We do not accept any fitness passport card unless they have the code FSP code as shown in the pictures below.
  • We ONLY accept the Fitness passport card as proof. (email proof is not sufficient)
  • They must provide the card as proof when signing up. (fitness passport cards can take up to 2 weeks to arrive in the mail)
  • If the fitness passport card does not have a photo please ensure they bring their drivers licence to the catch up.
If the Fitness Passport IPAD is not working
Complete the Fitness Passport manual form (located near POS 1 in the filing cabinet).
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