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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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    • The casual lockers are unavailable.

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    • We're experiencing issues with our Warm Water Pool availability. Please click the link below to view this.

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    • Carnaby's Club Crèche

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    • General Entry and Aquatics

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Members Accounts

Member Financial issues
Rejected Payments
  • We don't have access to that information, you will need to contact your bank for further details.
  • To ensure the debit goes through successfully please ensure your direct debit information is kept updated and that there are sufficient funds in the nominated account between Wednesday 2pm before the direct debit until at least Friday after the debit has run.
  • DD's run on Thursdays, however depending on the bank it can take as long as Tuesday after the debit for the funds to be released.
  • If you are able to provide proof that there were sufficient funds in your nominated account for the period Wednesday - Friday, please send this through to info@cockburnarc.com.au and this will be investigated for you.
Rejection fees
  • We incur bank fees when a payment rejects
  • To cover the cost of admin time following up rejected payments
  • Is a part of your T&C’s
Paying outstanding fees online
On the main page of the Cockburn ARC website. Select Login


  • Login to member portal using email address on file (password can be reset)

  • Select account > payments (phone view may be different, look for 3 lines/dots)

  • Select payments to process > select pay

Resetting member password

  • In PG - Select > clients, search name > click on member user number

  • Select > data, click the 3 dots on the left > select member password

  • Enter new password > arc123 > save, inform member to change password once they have logged in.
Updating Direct Debit details
  • Login to member portal. 
  • Select > account > payment settings

  • Add new payment method > fill in new details > delete old payment method

Suspending and Cancelling

Early return from med cert suspension
  • If you have provided a medical certificate for your suspension period you will be required to provide a medical clearance stating that you are now able to exercise.
  • The early return can then be processed by reception staff straight away.
  • If no medical certificate was provided an early return can be processed as per normal.
Suspending membership
  • Direct members to login to the member portal.
  • Select account > contract details/suspension > click into contract

  • Select suspend membership 

  • Pop up window will appear > select suspension $0.00 > next

  • Fill in details > confirm

  • ​​Check PG to confirm suspension has been applied.
Early exit fees
  • Lifestyle memberships have a minimum active period of 6 months
  • To have a discounted rate, they have agreed to be locked in for 6 months.
  • We understand personal circumstances change, therefore we have offered our members the chance to terminate their membership early.
  • Industry standard is to pay out the rest of the remaining contract, so exit fee is a great alternative.
28 day notice requirement
  • Industry standard
  • Gives us time to process cancellations
  • All contracts state we must have at least 28 days’ notice for cancellation.
Suspending longer than 84 days
  • Members are able to extend their suspension period over the 84 day yearly limit by providing a valid medical certificate.
  • Medical Certificate must state they are unable to attend.
  • A specific a start and an end date or specific start date and a specific number of weeks or months that they are unable to exercise must be stated on the medical certificate.
Backdating suspension
  • We can backdate a suspension 1 month from date of lodgement unless a suspension for the period stated on the medical certificate had already been imposed.
  • A specific start and end date or specific start date and a specific number of weeks or months that they are unable to exercise must be stated on the medical certificate.
Immediate cancellations
  • If a member is able to supply a valid medical certificate specifically stating that they are unable to exercise for a period of 3 months or more, we are able to waive the 28 day notice period and early exit fee.
  • A cancellation request form must still be completed.
Waiving rejection fees
  • If it's the first offence.
  • If we have previously waived a rejection fee we cannot waive a second unless approved by Customer Service Team Leader/Coordinator.

Cases where a second rejection fee could potentially be waived-
  • Staff error, e.g. staff input incorrect debit details.
  • Proof provided of sufficient funds in their nominated bank account for the days leading up to and after the DD.
  • Proof provided card was cancelled due to fraud.
Outstanding payments and centre use

Before advising anything please check the members marketing notes to see if/what they have already been advised.

When a patron has an outstanding amount due, we only allow entry once .
  1. Advise the member that we are allowing them entry today however they will be required to pay the outstanding amount online, over the phone or next time they visit the centre in order to continuing using the facility.
  2. Ask if they need to update their direct debit details.
  3. Advise that the direct debits will continue to process regardless if they take no action.
  4. Ask if they know/would like to suspend or cancel their membership.
  5. Details of interaction must be put in notes.
Cancelling from suspension
  • Members can complete a cancellation form however suspensions will be removed and the 28 days notice period will begin.
  • The membership will be active for 28 days, direct debits will continue until the cancellation date.
  • The member can continue to use the centre for the remaining 28 days.
Revoking cancellation
If their is still at least 1 week until the cancellation date
  • They are able to reply to their email confirmation and advise they would like to revoke cancelation.
This will be emailed straight to member services and they will be able to action.

If it is due to cancel within the next day or so
  • Revoking will need to occur straight away- contact membership services.  

If the member is unable to find the confirmation email
  • They can email info@email address stating they wish to revoke cancellation
  • Email membership sercives with patron details.
  • Leave notes in PG. 
Transferring membership
Memberships cannot be transferred to another person. If you are not utilising your membership you can choose to suspend or cancel your membership. 
Deceased member
If the member is deceased.
  • We do not require proof that the member is deceased nor do we require a cancellation form to be completed.
  • Get the name and email contact information of the person who has informed you of the death and inform them that that they will receive an email confirming the membership has been cancelled shortly.
  • Send the information to the Member Services Team Leader to action.
  • Leave notes in the members PG account.
Change of Membership
Membership changes
  • Our members have the ease of adjusting their membership at anytime.
  • They will need to complete a "Change of Membership" form via the IPADs at reception.
  • Once the form is lodged it will change over from the next direct debit.

If a member is still within their 6 month Lifestyle contract they are unable to change to a Flexi. Check the membership before completing.

The changes that can occur are:
  • Adding a concession card to reduce their fortnightly fees- if a valid concession card is present.
  • Changing from an aquatic membership to an all inclusive (adding the gym/gf classes)
  • Changing from a flexi to a lifestyle - flexi is month to month, lifestyle is a 6 month minimum term at a cheaper rate per fortnight. 

  1. Patrons asks new price details - Once MS process the change, MS contact the patron and run through new membership details.
  2. Changing to full access - Patrons can access the gym once online form is submitted, leave notes in PG advising COM form has been submitted with details eg, COM submitted Flexi Aquatic to Flexi Active.
  3. Why can't we give out prices - We are not Membership consultants, we may give out incorrect information or skip valuable details.
Membership changes - CSO Process
  • Assist the member in completing the IPAD form
  • Ask member if they wish to pay the upgrade fee today or add on to next direct debit (leave notes on PG if you have charged the member)
  • Advise the member if it’s an upgrade -  a pro rata difference will be added to the direct debit once change is completed
  • Take a photo of any concessions (if applicable)
  • If the member is adding gym access they will need to watch the 24/7 video on the website and complete the waiver
  • Leave notes on PG 

Flexi > Lifestyle.
  • Will reduce the members payment and they will now be on a 6 month minimum term contract.

Adding a concession.
  • Valid concession card present.
  • Take a photo of the concession, attach to the IPAD form and advise member next DD will have the concession rate applied.

Adding Fitness Passport.
  • Fitness passport card present.
  • Take a photo attach to the form on the IPAD.
Medical Certificates
Medical Certificates
  • Medical certificates will need to state a start and end date so we can process it appropriately.
  • We are unable to accept the cert saying until further notice.
  • Medical certificates supplied after the fact, are only able to be backdated 1 month from the date we receive them.
eg. If it is 1 September 2021 and a member brings in a med cert dated 1 July 2021 - 1 December 2021. We would be able to add the suspension from 1 August - 1 December 2021 only.
Medical certificates in person
If a member hands in a medical certificate in person-
  • Ensure the information is correct. Dates are appropriate.
  • Have the member complete a manual suspension form and staple them together.
  • Hand to a supervisor if they are free/place in the to be processed draw if they are not.
Processing medical suspensions in PG
  • A supervisor will need to apply the backdated suspension so it does not get taken from the 84 day allowance.
  • Leave notes of interaction.
Cancellations and Medical Certificates
  • Members providing a medical certificate stating they are unable to use the facility for 3 months or more may cancel effective immediately (28 days notice waived)

See a supervisor for clarification if you are unsure.
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