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Member Services

Please use the following ‘Line of succession’ when patrons ask for membership prices.
1st time they ask for the price:
‘Sure, we can help you with that, we have a wide range of options here; let’s see if our members Services team is available’
2nd time they ask for the price:
‘As there are varying prices based on what you would like to use and different membership terms, the prices vary.’
3rd time they ask for the price:
‘Our options range from $12.40-$23.50 per week depending on your needs, I can get one of the member services to give you a call when you have some more time to run through the options that might be suitable for you’
Please use the following ‘Line of succession’ when we receive membership enquires.

Check to see if the Membership Consultants are free to take the enquiry.
Ask them if they would like to give their details and we will have one of the Membership consultants call them.
Please email all leads to the Membership Consultant Team Leader.
Email: Lead’s full name, number, email, what they are interested in, concession (If applicable) and any other information given to them.

Our membership terms and conditions
Important- Please don't provide a patron prices
- By giving out prices directly, it changes the way a customer sees the membership. They will judge based on a price, rather than seeing the value (the support, inclusions, programs ect). On reception, we don’t have the time to show them the value, which is why we have a member services team.

- We also run the risk of giving out incorrect information which may impact the customers return to the centre (eg. Concession discounts ect.). If we give them a higher amount, they may not come back and therefore won’t start their journey of being more active more often. If we give them a price that is too low, they’ll be disappointed in the misinformation resulting in losing trust in the information we provide.

Avoid directing them to the website
- We want them to follow the journey – connecting with member services (we can then find out their emotional needs and wants and help them to achieve their goals), giving them a support person and guiding on the correct path.

- By directing them to the website, we lose the personal connection and become like any other facility. A lot of the time if someone has physically come in, they want a human connection or further information. Otherwise they would have just looked on the website themselves (they probably already have)

Try not to let them leave without a follow up:

First option – Book an appointment
Second option – Take details and get MC to call

If someone leaves, they are likely to never come back and begin their health and fitness journey.
Booking into Gymsales
If they would like to book an appointment with a Membership consultant

Membership Enquiry- Walk in downstairs
Call member services and see if available

- If not, book an appointment (if you don’t know how, please get assistance from senior CSO)

- If they don’t want to book an appointment, grab their phone number and/or email address and submit through the form below and let them know someone from the member services team will be in contact to answer any queries they have. Offer for them to have a look through the aquatics area.
Membership Enquiry- Walk in upstairs
Call member services and see if available

- If not, thank them for coming into the centre today and book an appointment. Email Member Services Team Leader once booked.

- If they don’t want to book an appointment, grab their phone number and/or email address and fill in the form on the Ipad and let them know someone from the member services team will be in contact to answer any queries they have. If they wish to look through the gym, they must sign and complete the visitor register on the ipad in full (must have enclosed shoes).
Membership Terms and Conditions
Youth Active

Teen- 16 - 17 years (lifestyle)
Teen- 16 - 17 years (flexi)
SLD Squad Member


FIFO Members
What FIFO works need to prove they are FIFO
Either can be produced:
  • A current roster that states where they are working/their roster structure proving they are FIFO
  • A letter of employment or from supervisor/manager stating they are currently employeed as a FIFO worker
Suspensions on FIFO Memberships
As FIFO members are on a discounted rate and already fly consistently we require proof of their travel plans. eg- Itinerary with specific dates, hotel confirmation etc.
COM- General member changing to FIFO
If a member changes to a FIFO career we are able to book them in with the membership team. As the FIFO contract is different to a general membership they will need to be run through terms and conditions.
FIFO Terms and Conditions
Lifestyle Memberships

Flexi Memberships

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