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How do we know when new stock is coming?
We schedule our speedo orders for a 6 month period. It is estimated and therefore we may run out of stock or have too much of some items.
Once the order is made, it is broken down to have small orders sent every 1-2 months.

If we require a "last minute" order as we have run out this can be arranged however we need Coordinator approval and it may take some time to be delivered.
If a patron wants something that we currently don't have?
Please grab the patron's name, number, email and the specific item. Linking from the speedo website of the product is also handy.
We are able to contact Speedo to see if they have these items in stock.
If they do- they are able to send them to us however this may take 10 days to arrive.
Tester goggles and trying on sizes
If a patron is requesting to try on goggles we have testers in the cupboards located below the airconditioners.
Please ensure to wipe the goggles with an antibacterial wipe after each use.

If a patron is wishing to try on apparel they will need to leave keys, phone or drivers licence with us while they try it on. Advise they are able to use the change rooms and will need to come back to collect their belongings and make the purchase.
Holding items for patrons
If a patron has requested the stock to be put aside for them to purchase at a later date:
  • Attach a label to the item with the patrons name and contact number. Write the date/time this has occured
  • Advise the patron we are only able to hold the item for the day of/next day ONLY. If it is not purchased we will return to speedo wall.
When new stock arrives
When the stock arrives the speedo CS Supervisor will input the stock into PG warehouse.
Once advised by the speedo leader we are able to get the stock ready for the speedo wall.
  • Price the top right hand corner of the goggles and place a blue permanent dot when the barcode is locted. (as Freo store also sells the same stock, this is our identifier that it is ARC stock and not Freo stock).
  • Hang up apparel on the appropriate hangers. Place a price sticker on the tag and a blue permanent dot on the barcode.
  • Place the correct sizing bobble on the hanger

If you are able replenish the wall; fill the wall. If not place stock in the speedo cupboard ready to be placed out when required.
Finding the stock on PGM + Selling the item
You are able to scan the barcode and the item will load in POS.
If this is not responding you are able to search the item in the search bar, ensuring you select the correct colour, size and item before processing.

ALL purchases will need to have a receipt given to the patron.
Exchange and Refund
Proof of purchase

A transaction receipt should always be provided to a customer in the event they wish to return the item after the purchase date. without a copy of the receipt, we are unable to confirm the product was purchased at Cockburn ARC.

A receipt can come in the form of: ACCC website

  • GST tax invoice or
  • cash register or hand written receipt.

Other types of proof of purchase include:

  • credit or debit card statement with date of purchase to confirm transaction in Perfect Gym
  • a copy or photograph of the original receipt.
    Important refund notes
    • It is in the customers best interest that we advise them to keep a copy of their receipt for all products purchased.
    • Products can be exchanged within 14 days of purchase. This is to allow time an item to be returned if it was bought for someone else.
    • We want to ensure hygiene protection stickers are still attached on returned swimwear (if applicable).
    • A refund request form [attached below] will be required for eligible refunds where Eftpos was used as the original payment method.
    • Non-faulty items returned after 14 days of purchase date should be followed up with your customer service supervisor

    Change of mind or exchange can occur within 1 week of purchase and a receipt is needing to be presented (we do not allow bank statement proof)
    Faulty item return (refund)
    Ensure to have approval from a supervisor for all exchanges.
    If the patron is happy to exchange for the same item they can do so.
    If not a refund will need to be approved by a supervisor. The supervisor will print a refund request form for the funds to be placed back into their account.

    All faulty items are to have a receipt attached and placed on Supervisors desk. Please email Blake of the this information
    Exchange Process

    We allow a 14 day grace period after the purchase date for change of mind if the following criteria is met: 

    1. Original purchase receipt/ proof of purchase is provided. (If the product was a gift, there may be proof of purchase under the buyer's profile)
    2. The attached tag should show our blue dot.
    3. Item is in original/re-saleable condition. (No damage e.g scratches on goggles. Tag showing ARC blue dot must still attached)
    4. Hygiene protection sticker is still attached (if applicable).
    5. The exchanged product must be of equal or greater value than the original purchase.


      Faulty Item returns

      Items returned that are damaged due to a manufacturing fault, a refund can be offered to the customer provided they still have their receipt and was purchased within 30 days.  

      Speak to any one of your supervisors for any help if you are unsure if an item meets any of the above criteria.

      Refund Request Process

      Once the Customer brings a product back and it is inline with the criteria to return: 

      1. A refund request form is to be completed by the customer, a supervisor will 
      2. The returned product can be placed back to its original location if it is in a resalable condition.
      3. If the product is faulty, place the item with its original receipt of purchase in the faulty goods box
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