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Swim ARCademy

Swim School script for reception staff
Giving out student information
Giving out student information:
  • Student information including lesson times can only be provided to the responsible person listed in PG. We are not to provide information to a third party which includes the emergency contact
  • Lesson times can be changed by a family member if they are able to verify the child’s details including what day/time they are currently enrolled.
  • Parents will have to send an email to confirm if they would like any other adult (dad that may take them to the lesson etc) that they approve for them to make any changes etc.
New SS students- first class senario
The parent will be contacted to confirm the child/adult is now enrolled for lessons.
When they arrive at the desk for their first lesson:
1. Check the account on PGM.
2. Assign a new swim school card, and the guardian card
3. Finalise the pro rata payment as this will not be direct debited.
4. Inform the parent's of the terms and conditions as a SS member. Direct debits, two guardians entering with the child otherwise a spectator fee will apply for late arrivals etc.
Correctly changing SS lessons
Changing SS Lessons-
After completing a class change for swim school students please check their schedule and
ensure they are not ‘enrolled’ in their old class.
See below the process to check and sign out.
Under the filter system type the child’s name into the section ‘Filter by Member’  ensure no other
filters are ticked.

If they are still enrolled into their old class you will see 2 classes on their schedule, you will need
to sign them out of the old class to avoid the extra $17.50.
Simply click the old class and then click on the 3 dots next to their name.

You can check their payment timeline on their PGM account to ensure that any extra payments are now gone.

Example of "Enrolment Confirmation" email
Welcome to Swim ARCademy! We are so pleased to have you on board.
We look forward to meeting you at your first lesson on Wednesday, 8 December 2021 for the Immersion level at 6:40 PM . It will be with Meg M.
Please find the terms of conditions of your membership available at any point on our website: www.cockburnarc.com.au/About/Terms-and-Conditions
Throughout your swimming journey, our team members will be at hand to assist you wherever possible. Please come and see us at the AquaHub which is located next to the learn to swim and 25m pools, or alternatively contact us at 9411 3378 if you have any questions or concerns during your time with us.
Your first lesson
Please ensure you arrive 15-20 minutes before your lesson start time. This allows you to:
- Set up your membership card at reception (if you have not already done so at enrolment)
- Scan your card through the turnstiles
- Get changed into your bathers and grab your goggles
- Meet your instructor
Please see us at the AquaHub if you have any issue finding your class.
To assist in ensuring you get the most out of every lesson please ensure you always bring:
- Bathers
- Goggles
- Towel
- Drink bottle
- Warm clothes for after your lesson
- Membership card
Changing Stages
If you have received a progression email from us or your teacher notifies you that you have progressed, come and see us at the AquaHub or at reception before your next lesson and one of our staff members will show you the current availability of the next level.

From there you can decide which class for the next level you would like to move to. If you have any questions please give us a call on 9411 3337 prior to your next lesson.
Swimming Outside of Lessons
We would also like to encourage you, as part of your membership, to take advantage of our aquatic facilities outside of your scheduled lesson time (this does not include the warm water pool & slide entry). Regular practice and even a ‘fun’ swim will assist you in moving through your swimming journey more steadily.
Do note that your membership cards only work on the turnstiles 120 minutes prior to your lesson. When coming in for a practice or ‘fun’ swim, please see our staff at reception. They will scan your card for you at the desk and let you into the aquatic area.
Striving for Outstanding Service
Our team is fully committed to doing everything we can to make your experience with us outstanding. If you have feedback or would like to discuss anything with our friendly team members please give us a call on 9411 3378.
Welcome again,
Your Swim ARCademy Team
Swimming lesson conversion information

Why do I have to watch my child during lessons?
  • Watch around water policy – Any child 11 years and under needs to be supervised centre wide.
  • If the child needs to go to the toilet, it is the parents responsibility to take them.
  • If the instructor requires the parents assistance, the parent must be quickly and easily identifiable and accessible.
  • The instructor has to focus on teaching the class.
  • During an emergency evacuation the parent is responsible for the child.
Why can I not enrol my child into a future class (past 7 days)?
We can only enrol a child into the next available lesson. As we are a perpetual swim school, children are constantly changing levels, enrolling or cancelling. This means the availability may not be the same now as it will be in two weeks.
Two children in lessons at the same time

Children in different pools:

  • Siblings swimming in the LTS & 25m pool can be booked into lessons at the same time - as long as the guardian can maintain visual contact between both pools. 
  • This does NOT apply to parents and babies; they cannot have another child in the LTS or 25m whist in the warm water pool unless another guardian is present.
Second Spectator - First warning process

Parents are aware that all adults wanting to spectate lessons will need to arrive at the same time as the children.
If parents arrive to watch their child's lesson and the child is not present- they are required to pay the spectator fee.

As per the terms and conditions in order to take advantage of the extra spectator we do require all spectators to arrive at the same time the Swim ARCademy student scans at the access gate prior to lessons. Any spectators coming after the student has gone through will be required to pay a spectator fee. This includes for example, Adults dropping children off and then finding a park.
Swim ARCademy Charges

Swim ARCademy membership entitlements on lesson days:

  • 0 – 3 years old: 1 student + 3 adult entries to the aquatic area (spectator or swim) free of charge
  • 4 years and over (including Adult lessons): 1 student + 2 adult entries to the aquatic area (spectator or swim) free of charge

There are no changes to non-lesson days.

Swim ARCademy upgrades (in all scenarios)

YES - Slides: All Swim ARCademy members and guardians to pay an upgrade fee


  • We are a family based facility and want to encourage our families to come down and spend quality time together.

NO – Wellness Lounge: No upgrades - everyone must pay the full $14 rate (unless they have a concession card)


  • The Wellness Lounge is not required to practice swimming lessons (the LTS pool is heated to a similar temperature if they want a warmer pool)
  • Due to the age restrictions, it does not encourage family involvement.
  • We try to keep our swimming program as affordable as possible, if we included the Wellness Lounge then all prices would need to be increased significantly. This would be unfair for those who don’t use it.
New Enrolments
If a patron is interested in enrolling in Swim ARCademy, they can use the class matching tool to find the correct level. They will then be shown all the available class times for that level and can enrol and pay online.

They will then be instructed to come to reception early on their first lesson day to pay the pro rata and get their cards.
If the patron is enquiring about re-enrolment in person, we can assist with a re-enrolment link on the iPad which has the re-enrolment form.

If the patron is not in person when enquiring, and they have cancelled in the last 12 months, forward their details through to SS to follow up.

If the patron is not in person when inquring, and they have cancelled more than 12 months ago, encourage them to use the class matching tool and go from there. 
'Take a break' and Cancellations
What is the SS Cancellation policy?
Cancellation must be lodged by close of business on the Tuesday prior to the next direct debit date to ensure payment is not taken out. If it is after Tuesday, then the cancellation will come into effect on the following direct debit date, a fortnight later. If the Tuesday occurs on a public holiday, all forms must be received by the previous Friday.

Can I suspend my SS membership if we go on holiday?
If you would like to make use of our 'take a break' option the $5 charge is to hold your child's swimming lesson booking.

7 days notice must be provided for TAB, and can be utilized for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks. You are unable to TAB if there are outstanding payments on the account, and you are also unable to change your lesson day/time during this time. 

Swim school does not run on public holidays, if your child's lesson falls on a public holiday you will not be charged for that week. This also means that if you come to swim on that particular week the casual entrance prices will apply.

If the patron would like to Take a Break, encourage them to search it on the website and complete the form for each student.

To check if a patron is on Take a Break, check their user files on PGM (Data>User Files) for the form.
Can I move class during my take a break period?
We are unable to move the class time/day if you are requesting to take a break.
I want to use the centre while on 'take a break'.
You will need to pay the casual entrance fee if you wish to use the centre while on take a break
My child is sick, can I medically suspend?
A students swim ARCademy membership can only be medically suspended (or have credit applied to the account) if they are able to provide a medical certificate covering 2 - 7 weeks. This can be backdated one month from the suspension.

If a patron needs to medically suspend, direct them to the Cockburn ARC website. The ask them to search 'medical suspension' in the search bar, then click the 'Swim ARCademy Medical Suspension Form'. Get them to fill this out and attach the medical certificate.

To check if this has been received, check the members user files (Data>User Files).
I want to cancel but I have money owing.
The application will not be processed until the outstanding balance is paid
I have just enrolled, can I 'take a break' straight away?
You are unable to take a break within the first four weeks of enrolment.
You can cancel the take a break submission- please note that if the debit has been processed class fees will apply.
FAQ for 'take a break'
Can they early return on the day and access the class that day?No
Can I cancel during this periodNo
Can I do an early returnNo
Can I put the application in advanceNo
Can I enrol for a different lesson during the ‘Take a break’No
Can I request to ‘Take a break’ for part of the DD period i.e. 2nd week of the next DD period & 1st week following DD periodYes
Can I extend my ‘Take a break’ (to a max of 6 weeks) during a current ‘Take a break’They would need to complete a new application
For pool entry does the ‘Take a break’ go from Mon to Sun or lesson to lessonMonday to Sunday within their lesson week
How do you know if the take a break has been added?
You can find this in manual transactions, under the child's account saying "TAB __ date".
TAB form is saved in user files
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