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    • The Water Slides are closed Monday - Thursday due to winter hours.

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Swim Wall

We have installed a swim wall in our 50m pool.

What is a swim wall?

A swim wall is an inflatable structure that is permanently fixed to the bottom of the 50m pool. By filling the wall with air, it moves into a vertical position forming a wall that is designed to fit around lane ropes, and splits the pool in half.  It only takes a couple of minutes to change the configuration.

This means that we will have the ability to configure the 50m pool in a number of ways:
  • The whole pool can be split in half, providing the equivalent of two 25 metre pools
  • The swim wall can be inflated to just half of the pool so that 4 lanes can remain as 50 metres, and 4 can be set as 25m lanes.
  • At many times, the pool wall will be deflated and the pool will remain with all lanes as 50 metres.


The benefits will be most felt during the summer months, when the swim wall can allow us to accommodate recreation swimmers, inflatables and lap lane swimmers. It will also allow us to have the indoor 25 metre set up more often in the more desirable 8 lane configuration which means lane ropes align with the pool markings.


From July 1, there will be times when the swim wall will be in place in our outdoor pool and there may not be any 50m lanes available for lap swimming. There will be a minimum of 4x 25m lanes still available for lap swimming. 

The times are:
  • Tuesdays 5pm-6pm
  • Fridays 6pm-close (from October)
  • Sundays 9am-11am (from 22 July)

Swim Wall Gallery

  • Swim Wall being raised in the 50m pool
  • The swim wall raising into place
  • Swim Wall when half is not in use lies flat on the pool floor
  • Both sides of the swim wall fully flat on the pool floor
  • It is sturdy enough to walk across by staff