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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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Your Role

Our vision

Outstanding Customer Service people talk about.
More People, More Active, More Often.


Are you reflecting the Cockburn ARC vision statements every shift, every customer, everytime?

Reception skills
Face to Face Customer Service
  • Attend to customers immediately.
  • Thank customers for the wait if it is over 3 minutes
  • Greet every person with more than one word greeting -Hello, how can I help you today?
  • Close each transaction in a personalised way -Thank you and have a great swim.
  • Serve customers before answering the phone
  • Remain stationed at designated POS computer
  • Do not congregate in groups
  • Give eye contact to customer when walking up from the queue
  • Maintain eye contact during transaction
  • Speak clearly with a professional tone of voice
  • Take ownership - don’t pass the buck
  • Open body language
  • Contractors and pool deck customers take priority over customers in the line
  • Deliver high quality customer service in line with the City’s Customer Service Charter.
Shift Standards
  • Ensure you arrive at your POS on time
  • Personal belongings in staff room lockers
  • No mobile phones
  • No eating / chewing gum on reception
  • No staff to staff conversations in front of customers 
  • Water bottle / keep cups not visible
  • Staff members not speaking across counter
  • Only reception staff behind counter
  • Always use positive language on reception
  • No personal use of computers while of shift

All team members are to maintain a professional standard of personal dress and grooming at all times.
Staff must be in correct uniform outlined below-
  • Corporate Cockburn ARC shirt
  • Black pants/skirts only
  • Black hair accessories only

Skirt Length:-without tights (slightly above knee), with tights (mid-thigh)
  • Name badge at all times, if you do not have yours – please wear a spare one (found in TL draw)
  • CSO jackets - place name badge on jacket
  • Neat clean hair, out of face at all times
  • No excessive jewellery
  • Black hairbands/accessories only
Phone Etiquette
  • Answer with: Thank you for calling the Cockburn ARC, this is (your name). How can I help you today?
  • When placing a customer on hold: Do you mind if I place you on hold? (wait for reply, then place on hold)
  • When returning from hold: Thank you for waiting,... How can I help you today?
  • When transferring a customer: Do you mind if I place you on hold while I transfer your call?
  • Do not transfer a call to another area without announcing yourself and receive approval to transfer
  • When picking up a transfer: Hello, my name is (name). How can I help you today?
  • When closing the call: Is there anything else I can help you with today? (wait for reply) Thank you for calling.
Taking Messages/ Sending Emails
When taking a message the following details must be recorded-
  • Date
  • Time of enquiry
  • Name of customer
  • Nature of enquiry
  • Contact number/email address
Ideally all messages should be emailed to the relevant person and must be written clearly with detailed notes in customers PG account.
Information requests
  • Ensure any information given either verbally or written is clearly communicated.
  • If we don’t know the answer to any customer question, we make every attempt to find out the information for the customer in a timely manner.
  • Close the transaction with “is there anything else I can help you with.”

Please ensure customers aren't given a specific timeframe they will be contacted back. You may like to finish by saying- "I will have a staff member be in contact with you as soon as possible".
Rostering / Where You're Working
  • WYW is a template, your rostered is transferred to a WYW template.
  • Rostering and WYW are transferable to suit daily POS, Level 1 and Phone demands
Concierge duties
  • Based in front of the turnstiles
  • Ensure customers are going through one at a time.
  • Assisting customers to scan through with their fobs/bands
  • Helping place watch around water bands on in the line / explain the watch around water band policy
  • Tidy retail /assist customers with retail
  • Radio cleaners if the floors are getting too wet or get a towel and clean
  • Direct customers to the line and answer enquiries where needed
Saved to each pos Complete each shift during quiet time
  • Opening and closing CSO to complete relevant shift report
  • Keep shift report tab open, they don't pre save
  • Run through opening / closing duties
  • Found in reception emails

Open Duties - Settling POS
Settling POS – Morning Duties

All 6 reception computers need to be settled each morning - eftpos machines must be in cradles to begin.
  • Click arrow bottom right of screen
  • Double click the green C icon
  • Click the Ctrl Panel
  • Click Settle
  • Once complete it will ask if you want a transaction list- click no
Write the POS number on the corresponding print out.
Staple them all together and place in black tray on CSO Supervisor desk in the correct day.
Troubleshooting - If there is no green C icon.
  • File explorer
  • C:Drive
  • PC_EFT
  • Look for green C – EftClntUI.exe
Closing Duties - Tilling Off
All 6 reception computers need to be tilled off each night.
  • Click … (3 dots) > close shift

  • Pop up window appears

Cash state = $250 Float (pos 1 – 4 ) or $0.00 for level 1
Cash to bank = takings for corresponding pos
Generate report > Click into report > Print – Ensure print is successful before closing report
Reports can only be generated once.
Companion Card Entry Process
  • Casual patron with companion card is charged according to needs (swim, wellness, slide)
  • Companions enter free of charge - attach companion card free to transaction
  • Concession card must be shown for concession pricing
  • Band both the patron and companion/s

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