Learn to swim

Developed by industry professionals, our learn to swim program is customised to our facility.

With a dedicated learn to swim pool, a 25m and 50 pool, classes are taught in the best setting for the skills being learnt.

As no child develops in the same way, your child will move through each of our 7 levels at their own pace.  No more waiting till the end of term, they move up to the next level as soon as we know they are ready.

Our program covers 7 levels:


Our first level is all about ensuring a strong foundation. We focus on floating, gliding, breathing and confidence in being underwater, so from here swimmers are ready to add on new elements.


Next we really work on kicks, which is crucial to a swimmer's stroke. We look at ensuring a strong technique across all primary strokes.


It's time to add on arms! Once combined, swimmers will develop strong, coordinated movement through the water.


Mastering breathing and timing can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning to swim. Our drive class is dedicated to ensuring swimmers are completely at ease in this area.


Now all the primary strokes are perfected, we look at increasing the distances and improving each swimmer's individual technique.


Continuing with distance drills and technique, swimmers will also focus on safety and how to respond to a variety of aquatic emergencies.


Our final level prepares students for future opportunities such as water sport, competitions and squad programs. We focus on distance and overall fitness in a pre-squad team setting.


As long as there is a place available in a class, your child can begin the program any time.

Firstly we need to assess them to ensure that they are place in the right class. Assessments can be booked online.

Once assessed, you can enrol in the class at the centre.

Book an assessment

We can also book an assessment over the phone if you call us on 9411 3344, or email swim@cockburnarc.com.au.