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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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    • The casual lockers are unavailable.

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    • We're experiencing issues with our Warm Water Pool availability. Please click the link below to view this.

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    • Carnaby's Club Crèche

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    • Bandicoots Play Centre

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Member Financial Information

Financial senarios
Rejection reasons
Insufficient Funds
  • Try not to state this reason straight away as people can easily get embarrassed, only state if they ask why.
  • To assist with future debits, provide them with a debit calendar and remind them of the 3pm Wednesday cut off.
  • If proof is provided showing available funds in the account on the day of the debit andthe following four days, then we are able to waive the rejection fee. Proof must be sent to info@cockburnarc.com.au to be reviewed.  Advise them to contact their bank for more information to avoid future rejections

Stolen Card
  • This usually means the patron's card has been cancelled due to fraudulent activity or has lost card.
  • We need proof card has been cancelled due to fraud or lost, in order not to charge a  rejection fee.

Transaction Declined
  • This reason is a little broader; it can range from an expired card, insufficient funds, bank rejecting it, incorrect details.
  • Advise patron to follow up with their bank.

Payer has revoked authority
  • This means the patron has contacted their bank to stop allowing the ARC (or all DD’s) to process payments.
  • This reason can also be present if the customer has recently gone overseas.
Disputing insufficient funds
  • If proof is provided showing available funds in the account on the day of the debit and the following four days, then we are able to waive the rejection fee.
  • Proof must be emailed to info@cockburnarc.com.au to be reviewed.  
  • Advise them to contact their bank for more information to avoid future rejections.
Repayment plans
If a member has bad debts they have the option to place their membership on suspension (if they have suspension days available) and they are able to make payments towards their membership via their member portal on their own accord.
Payments are required to be finalised before the member attends the centre to use the facilities.
Waiving rejection fees
  • One rejection fee waived per member, not per contract.
  • Emphasise the fact we are unable to waive any future rejection fees incurred.
  • Put notes in patrons account outlining the above has been advised. 
  • If a patron is disputing a second fee, it must be approved by the Centre manager. Please refer to the team leader.
Rejection calls
We have a team that will make rejection calls as a courtesy reminder to the member and to process the payment that declined.
The calls are made fortnightly (the week after the direct debit has run).

Rejection process- CSO FYI only
  • Members receive automated SMS/email to advise the payment declined.
  • If a payment declines we will contact the member to make them aware- this will allow them to finalise the payment
  • Notes will be left on members account of the contact points.
  • If payments continue to decline and a large amount of money is accrueing, we will cancel them to avoid this amount growing. The member will be made aware via email.
  • If at this point, no payments have been made and outstandings are still not paid we will send them a letter in the mail to confirm that if this is not paid they will go to debt collection.
Debt Collect / Cancelled due to bad debt
  • Final Notice letters are sent when the members outstandings have reached our threshold and have not made attempts to reduce the amount
  • A physical letter is then sent to the member by mail advising urgent action is required otherwise they may risk being sent to debt collection
  • The member has not been sent to debt collection yet. This is their opportunity to rectify the outstandings.
  • Members have various methods of payments available to utilise including online.
  • If the member has never had a rejection fee waived before, we can waive one; once the outstanding’s have been paid. Please send through to Supervisors
  • Outside of one rejection fee, the outstanding balance will only be reduced due to extreme extenuating circumstances. This can be escalated to the supervisor team with final approval to waive any outstanding’s made by the co-ordinator.

If someone calls disputing their outstandings, please get a Supervisor to assist and if taking a message please ensure a contact number and email address are taken. An email address is required anytime you are taking a message from a patron
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