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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Codes
Fire Warden Duty
  • In case of an emergency and multiple staff members are present, a CSO that is competent will take stand as the fire warden for our designated area.

Aquatic CSO- Warden 4

Level 1 CSO- Warden 6

Warden-4.PNG          warden-6.PNG
CSO role in an emergency
As a CSO we are to report to the Duty Manager/ Fire Warden Leader on shift.
If the fire alarm goes off - 
  1. Wear warden hat, safety jacket, laminated area clearing card (stuck to warden hat) and have a radio (additional staff will support the warden)
  2. Open turnstiles master to allow ease of clearing our area
  3. Stand by for further instruction
  4. As staff we are the last to exit the building once our area has been cleared.
  • The laminated warden areas are to be followed so you clear out your designated area and guide patrons to the emergency muster point.
  • Evacuation muster point will either be the front oval (across the road of ARC's main entrance), or the Fremantle back oval depending on where the fire is located.
Lifeguards role in emergencies
In some cases, as lifeguards may have more qualifications they will be called to help respond to emergency calls.
If we have this senario and lifeguards are called away from their pool- we may need to close areas of aquatics while they are unable to efficiently be manned.

As a CSO- If you are advised that the pools/certain pools are closed you are responsible in informing patrons of any area as this will affect their visit.
eg- If a patron is wanting to swim in the warm water pool please advise that unfortunately we have closed this area off due to a medical emergency. We will be able to provide further information of this reopening when we have been notified. Sorry for any inconvienence.
Duress Door alarm codes
If the buzzer is alarming at reception, the duress doors have been set off. The locations for the doors are below.
  • Radio DM to investigate.

Radio Etiquette
Using the Radio
  • Radio conversations can be heard by the public.
  • Use professional language and ensure that confidential information/things that shouldn't be heard by the public is NOT spoken about over radio.
  1. Hold down the button on the right to speak:                                                                                                                                                      "Reception to ____". To the person you are trying to reach. eg 25m lifeguard, DM, Stadium etc.
  2. Let go of the button and await a response. If there is no response, repeat your call again.
  3. When the person responds, (generally they will say go ahead:)                                                                                                                   Advise the information you are needing to inform them of.
  4. If they answer- respond with "copy/receiving".
Radio'ing lost child or lost parent
The information below is broken up in to two sections:
The first section is the procedure used by Aquatic staff when a child goes missing from their caregiver.
The second section is the action that CSO’s must take if a caregiver informs us of their missing child.
Aquatic Procedure:
Aquatics have a 3 minute clock once a child is reported as missing.
They will communicate via 2-way radio:
‘ATTENTION STAFF, WE HAVE A MISSING CHILD REPORTED…’ and provide as much detail as possible to assist in locating the child.
The two most critical details are:
‘How old is the child?’ & ‘Can they swim?’
This information determines the urgency in which the Aquatic team will respond, for example a 3 year old non-swimmer will require urgent and rapid evacuation whereas a 10yr old, competent swimmer with a slide band will be less urgent.
Once an area is cleared, the guards will respond with ‘LOCATION clear’ via 2-way radio.
The staff member who had first contact with the caregiver and received notification of the missing child must ensure the caregiver stays with them, stationary & in a central location.
If all pools are cleared & child has not been located, pools will remain closed until the child and caregiver are reunited.
Secondary areas are then checked, such as café, change rooms, stadium and main street.
Reception can assist by checking through Main Street as soon as any radio call is heard
If a child cannot be located within the entire facility, police will then be called.
CSO Procedure:
When a parent informs you their child is missing you must ask the following questions and write down as many details as possible, ready for an urgent radio announcement:
  • How old is the child?
  • Can they swim?
  • How long have they been missing?
  • What are they wearing/what colour bathers?
  • What do they look like (any features that are distinguishing help aquatic staff find them faster)
  • Where were they last seen?
  • What is their name?
  • Where was the parent?
  • Do they have any medical issues (may add to the urgency of the response)
  • What is the guardian’s name?
Once you have this information, radio the Aquatic team immediately, do not wait for a response before beginning your radio call on this occasion.
On channel  1:
Radio call needs to be clear, loud and specific.
Provide the entire announcement with all the information - staff may ask further questions once you complete your radio call.
If no response after the call radio the team and ask – ‘URGENT Aquatic team – missing child – do you copy’
Keep the parent with you or hand them over to the Duty Manager – do not let them walk off
Make a PA announcement, asking for the missing child by name to come to the Aqua Hub, and turn any other peripheral music/announcements off.
Calm the caregiver - explain that we prepare for this situation, it is our top priority and the team are working to find their child as quickly as possible 
We call out ‘missing child’ to elicit urgency in the team response.
It is critical that we do not mix up our words and say ‘we have a missing parent’ when we actually have a parent who is missing their child. A missing child means drop tools and action.
Guardian or ‘what grown up are you here with today’ is a great way to ask the child who we are looking for, as it is inclusive and allows them to provide detail.
News/TV companies calling for more information
If you are ever approached or contacted by the media about an ARC or City related issue, you must not comment, but direct them to contact the City’s Media Officer, whose details are on the City's website.
Advise Team leader or supervisor of the call for their information.
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