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    • The 50m outdoor pool is closed intermittently due to weather conditions.

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Western Australia Companion Card program

The Companion Card enables people with a significant and lifelong disability who require support from an attendant carer to participate at community venues and activities. The required support is variable, and depends on a person’s particular needs. All applications for a Companion Card are subject to independent assessment by an Occupational Therapist to determine a person’s eligibility for the card. Cardholders are required to present their card when booking or purchasing a ticket from a participating business and the business recognise the Companion Card and issue the cardholder with a second ticket for their companion at no charge.

Companion cards

Western Australia Companion Card program

The following conditions apply to Companion Card holders and Companions:

  • The Companion Card must only be used when the cardholder requires the assistance of a companion to participate at a particular venue/activity.
  • It is a condition of entry that the Companion Card holder present their card in order for facility staff to provide a complimentary visit pass to the Companion.
  • Only the person whose photograph and details appear on the Companion Card can use the card.
  • Companion Tickets cannot be used without the Companion Card cardholder being present.

Should you have any specific questions or difficult situations of which you have dealt with, please feel free to bring to attention of your direct supervisor.

Hire Up

Hire Up is a new company that has just arrived to WA.

It is a company that supplies an online platform for people with a disability to find, hire and manage support workers who meet their needs.

https://hireup.com.au/The support workers do not necessarily come from a company and may not have professional identification. The member must provide receipt of payment to hire up with the carer’s name on it and we asked to see the licence of the carer.

A member who has hired a support worker through Hire Up will come to reception with the support worker. The support worker will not be wearing or have any type of uniform/business card to verify they are from Hire Up.

  • Please ask the member to sight the receipt of payment to Hire Up. This can be found when they login to their account on the Hire Up website or a confirmation in an email.
  • At the bottom of the receipt you will see the name and photo of the support worker hired and the date and time of the ‘booking’.
  • Ask the support worker for ID (drivers licence) to verify they are the support worker hired for this ‘booking’.

You can confidently advise customers we have double the requirement of ACROD bays than required by law.

The provision of ACROD bays in public facilities is always a contentious issue, here is some information worth sharing to respond to enquiries:
  • Cockburn ARC has a total of 14 ACROD bays located across the parking stations
  • The requirement for ACROD bays is 1:100. Which means 1 ACROD bay for every 100 standard parking bays
  • We are required to provide 7 ACROD bays under that standard and we actually have double
  • 3 Bays are directly located on Veterans Parade
  • We have 650 standard bays available to customers

The city does not have immediate plans to install additional ACROD bays on Veterans Parade.

Using the hoist

Our hoist is a Roof Mounted Hoist (Left hand UAC only)

The hoist controller is kept in the aquatic administration office. Patrons will be asked to complete a form to use the hoist.

Any carers wanting to bring their clients into the aquatic area are required to pay the spectator fee. This is because we area user paying facility (as we are allowing them to use our toilets/ facilities they are required to pay).

Hoist information on our website for patrons:
There is a ceiling hoist in the adult change facility which tracks directly into the Warm Water Pool in in the Wellness Lounge (NB - Wellness Lounge rates apply to use the Warm Water Pool).

The hoist may also be used to assist patrons transfer to a water wheelchair if required.
Please note: Slings (disposable or otherwise) are not provided by the ARC. If you are unsure about your sling’s compatibility with the hoist provided in this facility, please contact the supplier, manufacturer or prescribing therapist, or call the Independent Living Centre's Advisory Service on 1300 885 886 for advice.

Adult Change Facility

The ARC has an adult change facility for people with disabilities who require space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs. Located in the Wellness Lounge, the adult change facility includes:

  • an adult-size change table
  • ceiling hoist – with tracks to the shower, toilet and indoor warm water pool
  • space for carer assistance

Please note: the adult change facility is reserved for people with disabilities. 
Accessible toilet locations
  • Aquatic area - In between the male and female change rooms which is located behind the family change area.
  • Wellness Lounge - On the left hand side wall as you walk into the wellness area.
  • Upstairs - In between the upstairs change rooms, in front of the reception area.
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