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    • The casual lockers are unavailable.

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    • Carnaby's Club Crèche

      8:45 AM - 12:45 PM
    • General Entry and Aquatics

      5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
    • Plunge+Co Café

      6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Gym (staffed hours)

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    • Stadium

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    • Waterslides


Our Clubs

Our Swim Clubs

Link on our website:

Link to South Lake Dolphins:
Everything SLD
Water Polo and Synchro Access
Water Polo Charges
Water Polo Coaches- no Charge
Water polo participants- general swim entrance charge
Water polo parent spectators- general spectator entrance charge
Synchro Charges
Synchro Coaches- no Charge
Synchro swimming participants- general swim entrance charge
Synchro parent spectators- general spectator entrance charge
Our Club's and lane hire
The clubs that run their programs in our centre will have pre arranged bookings. They will be invoiced the booking hire charges- eg lane hire costs. Any participant is still required to pay the Cockburn ARC entrance fees at the time they arrive.
**We can suggest swim visit passes or an aquatic membership if they swim regularly

To find out where the booking is held please view Facility Booking Calendar in PGM.
Booking attendance slip
We often have groups -eg school groups, companies that hire our facilities, If they get invoiced for their payment we complete an attendance slip so we can charge them the correct entrance fees.

The clubs will already know that they are having their attendance numbers recorded. If they don't mention that they are being invoiced for this we will charge each particiapnt as they enter.

The Aquatic attendance is registered through the 'shift reports' tab in Reception inbox.

If the computers are down:
The aquatic attendance slip is stored in the POS 1 reception filing cabinent. We need to record the attendance of the number of particilants and what activity they will be using in the centre. These slips are to be completed in full and handed to Marg.
Community Physio Services (CPS)
What is CPS
A Physio (Danni) works for the Community Physio Service organisation.
She runs 2 x small physio group sessions in the Wellness Lounge on Monday's:
1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 3:00pm
What is the difference with these sessions and normal physio sessions
The community program is run in a small group. They have a discounted rate for the MONDAY CPS SESSION ONLY. If attendee's arrive to use the warm pool outside of this program it is a standard wellness lounge charge.
Cost is: $5.20 for concession, $7.20 non-concession for those entering the pool.
Please band with CPS band in WYW band chart
Please process using buttons below (found in the Wellness and Upgrades button on POS)

What to do as a CSO
  • Attendee's will arrive at reception.
  • Patrons may advise they have an appointment with the physio, please ask if this is with the CPS and/ or with Danni, meeting in the warm water pool area.
  • NEW CLIENTS: may also advise they have an assessment/ interview. These will be held in the member lounge prior to entering the warm water pool, please direct patrons to the lift or stairs.
CPS Contact number
6152 0816

If a patron calls to advise they won't be attending- please advise they will need to contact the number above
Do both Physio’s that run this class have to sign in on the physio register?
  • I had a helper come to the turnstiles on Monday who I hadn’t seen before & who wasn’t in uniform.
If the helper is a companion, then a card is to be shown if they are not on the list. If they are a physio, then they sign the physio register. If in doubt, ask the physio for instructions on whether they are a carer or employed/volunteering under CPS
  • A few of the attendees were also up to an hour early, can we let them in at any time?
They are able to enter anytime to the aquatic area. They will not be allowed into the warm water pool until their session starts
  • What if a person’s name is not on the list? Do we make them pay full price or get them to ring the number below?
If we don’t have their name on record, this needs to be confirmed with the physio prior to charging them entry. If this is a regular occurrence, please let a CS supervisor know and we can follow up with CPS.
  • What if they want to access the spa, sauna or steam room?
They will pay the full access fee for access ($11.20 or $14.00)
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