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    • Carnaby's Club Crèche

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    • General Entry and Aquatics

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    • Stadium

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    • Waterslides



Dress Code

Any patron not abiding by these standards will need to be addressed at the discretion of the Duty Manager.
Photo/ Video rules
Weather Conditions
The outdoor 50m pool and tumbler will be closed if there is lightening.
If it is too windy the outdoor inflatable will not be set up in the 50m pool.
Alerts will be placed on the website at the DM's request.
50M Pool changes
In the colder seasons we close the 50M pool earlier.

Monday – Friday

5.30am – 7.30pm (generally 8:30pm)

Weekends and Public Holidays

7am – 5pm

Winter season hours will coincide with Term 3 School Term.
Pool specifics/ Size, depth
Pool temperatures .
Warm Water Pool
1.1M Shallow end
1.5M Deep end
14.5M X 10.5M

50m Pool
1.3M Shallow end
2 M Deep end

25m Pool 

1.1M Shallow end
1.6M Shallow end
Locker- Aquatics; time limit, size
37cm wide
43cm tall
45cm deep
Casual lockers are located in the family change room area on pool deck. They are yellow, grey and black.
Casual hirers will purchase a locker pass/barcode at reception and then use that to access the locker.
When they arrive at the locker station they will need to scan the barcode and select the locker. It will prompt them to choose a password. Once the password is chosen that will get them back in to their locker without needing the barcode any longer.

We advise that if they require the locker for longer than 3hrs they must purchase a new locker barcode. If the locker has already expired, radio a lifeguard to unlock the locker for the patron.
Lockers- Member Lockers
Member lockers are to the very right hand side on pool deck- out the front of the male change rooms. They are also in the Wellness Lounge area.

Members will need to hold their wrist band over the RFID on the locker and ensure it is a solid blue which indicates the locker is secure. If a member forgets their band they will need to use the casual lockers on that occasion.
Paying for someone who is not in the centre

We do not allow people to purchase ANY entry for someone that is not currently in the centre (i.e. not standing at or near POS).
As the staff on POS changes so frequently it is almost impossible for CSO's to keep track of/remember/be made aware of people that have already been paid for in advance. 
If someone is being persistant, please suggest that the patron needing to be paid for call them once they have arrived at the center and they can then come out to reception and pay for them.

This includes parents coming to reception wanting to pay for a slide pass for their child. The child must come to reception so we can measure them and put a paper wrist band on them ourselves.
This includes stadium passes/ bands also. The player must be present at reception at the time of paymnet and a stadium band placed on them.

We are a "Watch around Water" centre

The program is all about providing a safe venue for the community.


Children eleven (11) years and under entering the aquatic facility must be supervised by an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.

Children six (6) years and under must be accompanied in the water and within arm’s reach by an adult or person over the age of sixteen (16) at all times.  

Bands at Reception

If you have a child who is six years or under, our Customer Service Officers at reception will place a Watch around Water band on their wrist. 

This lets our lifeguards know their age and lets them know to ensure you are within an arm's reach of your child at all times.

LTS and Leisure Pool Bucket
​Early morning (genrally up until 8:30am) and late evening the aquatic team go down to minimal staff at 7.30, the signs may go up around the leisure pool as there are no lifeguards supervising the zone.

The pool is rarely used beyond 7.30/8pm but it should be available upon request if we have lifeguards able to cover that area. This applies year round.
Using shower facilities
Any patron that requires using the shower facilities will be charged $2.50
General Entry - Questions to ask

How old are the kids?

  • If they are 6 or under 6 years old then place a yellow ‘watch around water’ band on their wrist.
  • Ask the parent “Are you familiar with our watch around water policy?”
  • If not, please say “the watch around water policy is a government initiative to prevent drowning in public pools. All we ask is that you remain within arm’s reach of your child in and out of the water at all times.”

Do you need an aqua nappy today for your little one?
  • Yes- They are kept in the white cupboards behind reception.
  • Aqua nappy’s are under the ‘misc’ tab on POS and cost $3 each. 
  • Ask: “How much does the child weigh?” OR “what size nappy would you like?”

Are all adults swimming today?
  • If yes, charge the direct supervising adults $2.50 and any other adults full price at $7.20 (otherwise $5.20 on concession).

Would you like to purchase any slide/spa/wellness upgrades?
  • Any visitors to the Wellness Lounge must be over 16 years old.

Would you like to purchase a locker today? They last for 3 hours.
  • Yes: “the lockers are located outside the female change rooms and are yellow and black. Scan the barcode I gave you and create a 4 digit pin. You use this 4 digit code to enter your locker throughout your visit. Any questions, just see a lifeguard in a red shirt and they will be able to help you.”

Process payment as normal via EFTPOS or cash.
Give the patron a copy of their receipt and buzz them through the right hand manual gate.

Esky Checks
Upon entrance please ensure to check any esky’s or large bags.

Check for:
sharp knifes
glass and ceramics
LTS and Leisure Pool
Early morning (genrally up until 8:30am) and late evening the learn to swim and leisure pool will be closed. This is due to less lifeguards on duty.

If a patorn is wanting to use these pools please radio the lifeguards to see if we are able to open them up and cover them with a lifeguard
Booking Attendance Slip

We often have groups -eg school groups, companies that hire our facilities, If they get invoiced for their payment we complete an attendance slip so we can charge them the correct entrance fees.

The Aquatic attendance is registered through the 'shift reports' tab in Reception inbox.
Open Shift Report
Close Shift Report

If the computers are down:
The aquatic attendance slip is stored in the POS 1 reception filing cabinent. We need to record the attendance of the number of particilants and what activity they will be using in the centre. These slips are to be completed in full and handed to Marg.

Lifeguard/ Swim Teaching Prac hours
+ Work Experience
Lifeguard/ Swim Teaching Practical hours
In regards to completing a Practical Placement program at the Cockburn ARC, service areas that are most likely to receive such enquiries are the Operations team for Lifeguard placement, or the Swim ARCademy team for Swim Instructor placement.
As a CSO please complete the Life Guard prac hours form in shift report folder in reception emails. 

Once received please pass the information along to the relevant team, either arcdmteam@cockburn.wa.gov.au for Lifeguards, or swimsupervisors@cockburnarc.com.au for Swim Teachers.
Alternatively, provide them with the centres email address or a business card, and have them email the information to the centre.
Program Enrolment
When receiving an enquiry from a member of the public requesting to undertake a Practical Placement Program in one of Cockburn ARC’s service areas, the City of Cockburn will require copies of the following:
  • Name of person completing a Practical Placement Program
  • Dates and times they will be completing their Practical Placement Program
  • Copy of their insurance certificate, which should be in date
  • Copy of their City of Cockburn Online Safety Induction Certificate
  • Other relevant certificates, for example their Lifeguard Theory Award 
The Link to the City of Cockburn online contractor safety induction is http://www.onlineinduction.com/cockburn/, which the City’s safety team has advised we use for anyone undertaking some sort of practical placement with us. After watching a video there is a quick quiz, and then the induction certificate can be downloaded.
Lifeguard Practical hours- What to know

They will generally get 3 x 5hour shifts.
They will need to:
First please complete the City of Cockburn’s online contractor safety induction by clicking here, It’s a general safety induction, used for staff and contractors across the City’s operations, so some parts may not  be applicable to your lifeguard practical placement. Once you have completed the quiz at the end, please download your certificate and send it through to the DM email.

  • Second, we will require copies of your Lifeguard theory qualifications.
  • Third, we will require copies of the Royal Lifesaving WA (RLSWA) insurance certificate, if you do not have copies you may need to reach out to RLSWA and request them. This is a different document to your qualification certificates.

If a lifeguard trainee is wishing to complete hours in our centre, please get their:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email- (important, they will receieve an email from the DM advising important information)
Email this information to the DM email.
Any WORK EXPERIENCE expression of interest
Any work experience requests are required to go through the City of Cockburn HR.
Please refer them to the website:
Work experience ; Where possible, the City of Cockburn provides opportunities to undertake work experience.

Before you apply for work experience, we recommend visiting jobs.wa.gov.au opens in a new window to determine what type of local government positions appeal to you.

To apply, simply send a brief resume and cover letter to hr@cockburn.wa.gov.au.

Remember to outline your area of interest and the dates and times you are available for work experience. Your request will be sent to the relevant area manager to assess. We will contact you to let you know the outcome. 

Important note: If your work experience application is granted, you will be required to undertake your own insurance cover. If you are a student, your school or training provider will usually provide insurance for you. Further information will be provided upon acceptance of your application.
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