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Contractors, Cleaners and Security


Roof access
Roof Key Procedure:
Contractors that have been approved to access the roof will have completed the SINE form. Collected their contractor pass and spoken to a CSO. If the contractor requests the roof key we must:
1. Ask the contractor to is their point of contact in the centre- normally the DM.
2. Radio the contact person and advise the contractor needs to roof key.
3. Once the key has been given out, they are able to access the roof- entrance in on level 1 through the gym.
  • If a contractor has the roof key, we can allow them access without hesitation. Simply open the gate and allow them through the gym. This key would have been given to the contractor by the DM or Glenn therefore no safety responsibility falls on a CSO in this case.
  • If a second worker comes through and only has Contractor Pass we can allow they access through the Health Club turnstiles. It is the responsibly of the Key holder to ensure that any personal they allow onto the roof have the appropriate qualifications to be able to be there. – In receiving the Key it is clear in their induction that they are responsible for ensuring no unauthorised access.
Contractor signing in.
It is our responsibility to ensure the ARC contact person dealing with each contractor is aware of their arrival and their location as they are under our care whilst in the centre.
The CSO’s part in this process is very important and failure to do so could put the contractor and our staff at risk of accidents/injuries.
Steps to take when contractors arrive:
  • Ask contractor to sign in using SINE
  • Ask for their name and the company they are from
  • Ask what work they are here to complete, and who their ARC contact is
  • Obtain keys/ID from the contractor to swap for an access pass
  • Advise ARC contact person over the radio that they have arrived at reception  
Contractor sign out
Once works are completed:
Contractor will complete the digital sign out log- SINE- next to POS 1
Ask the contractor if they need to speak to the contact person regarding the works.
If the contractor says Yes – advise the contact person or Glenn to attend.
If the contractor says No – they can finalise their SINE form
If the roof access key is handed back, inform Glenn or DM and they will arrange to put the key back where it belongs
Differentiating contractors point of contact when they arrive
As Glenn is our maintenance organiser, he arranges the contractors arrival. When the contractor arrives at reception and we ask them who they are here to see initially they will ask for Glenn as default.
Please be advised that Glenn will filter the contractor information to the required team (eg- Glenn will hand aquatic repairs information over to the DM's so they can handle the contractors when they arrive)
As a CSO; to better find the correct point of contact please ask contractors what area they will be working on. From there we can radio (normally) the DM or Glenn to advise of the contractors arrival.
Master Key/ Roof Key Information

Due to the high risk of our roof access, the contractor that will be needing to enter this area is required to sign off the waiver before the key is handed out. an example below of that this looks like;



Radio extension for Cleaners
When radioing the cleaners you need to be on extension 2 on the radio, (also for security when they are on shift)
Cleaners signing in
The cleaners sign in sheet is located in the tray next to POS 1.
Onsite security number
(M) 0477 100 338
During 24/7
Security are responsible for arming and unarming the laser beam during the 24/7 (whilst the centre is closed).
Security will be able to walk patron's to their cars if they wish to do so.
Opening CSO's will need to disarm the reception alarm upon arrival.

Security have their own ARC wrist bands to be able to access the facilities.
Difference between Co-Safe and Onsite Scurity
Co safe is the security that monitor City of Cockburn; We will contact them if someone was parking illegally, dogs have been locked in the car etc.
Our on site security= they are contracted out to monitor the ARC out of staffed hours. They will assist members walking to the car after hours, ensure that the facility is safe and we don't have prespassing.
Communicating with on site security
They will have a radio and we are able to radio them (eg if arriving for a shift etc).
They will begin their rostered shift just before the DM leaves for the night and will conclude their shift after the DM arrives in the morning
SINE System
SINE is our digital check-in IPAD located next to POS 1 at our main reception. It allows Contractors, Visitors and Delivery companies to "check in" so we have record of their visit.
Delivery drivers, Contractors and Cleaners
Who needs to SINE in?
  • Delivery Drivers- so we can track who has deliveried items here for tracing purposes. Only required to sign in selecting the "deliveries" button
  • Contractors- Will sign in when arriving and sign out when work is completed.
  • Cleaners- This is not for our regular Facilities First cleaners, this is for cleaners who are contracted for specific tasks eg Windown cleaners.
  • Patrons/Members who don't have the Safe WA app. We are required to trace all visitors. The "COVID tab can be selected for these patrons
If SINE is not working
First try to reset the IPAD and reboot it.
  • Press home button 3 times quickly.
  • Enter password: 113415 and choose end.
  • Return home.
  • Relaunch SINE.

If SINE still doesn't work we have a manual sign in sheet located in the filing cabinent closest the POS 1.
SINE and Contractor qualifications
More so an FYI:
Before contractors arrive in the centre they send the City of Cockburn their qualification documents so we know they are able to work in the centre. Pre- work questionairres etc are screened and the City of Cockburn approve them to enter the facilities.
If a contractor signs in and it has an error- this may be due to their City of Cockburn screening not being 100% complete/needing updating.

As a CSO: we can radio the DM/their point of contact and advise that they are having an error signing in and this can be followed up.
My Maintenance
What is My Maintenance
It is a digital form to best communicate maintenance issues in the centre.
If you are advised of any maintenance issues you are able to complete the form. It will go straight to the maintenance team for investigation.

You have the option to select if you would like to recieve notification of the updates on the request you lodged.
My Maintenance online form
Request Form link – IMPORTANT If you have a link to your request form on your portal/intranet, web site, phones or devices it must be updated to the following new URL:
The Mobile My Tasks Version URL has not changed and remains as https://mymaintenancesystems.com/mobile
Maintenance requests may also be lodged through Beekeeper.
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