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3x3 Basketball Competition

Are you up for the challenge?

On Friday 6 August we are looking for keen teams to take part in our very first 3x3 basketball comp.

From 6 - 9pm, there will be 5 rounds and finals, with $250 for the first division winner, and $150 for second division.

We're looking for teams of 4 or 5. You just need to be over 16, teams can be mixed.

But hurry, places are limited, we only have 24 team spots available.

Here's the details:
  • $100 per team to enter
  • Minimum of 4 people and maximum of 5
  • Friday 6 August, 6pm - 9pm

Enter your team through our Spawtz registration page
Terms and conditions

 1. Interpretation

1.1 Day-to-day interpretation of these By-Laws shall be at the responsibility of the most senior official present at the time, including but not limited to:
a. Health & Fitness Coordinator;
b. Sports Team Leader;
c. Sports Supervisor and;
d. Umpire/Referee
1.2 Players participate in all sports competitions at Cockburn ARC at their own risk.
1.3 Appeals against interpretation of these By-Laws must be lodged in writing to the Cockburn ARC Sports Team Leader.
1.4 Players MUST be 16+ to participate.
1.5 Management of Cockburn ARC reserves the right to change or amend the By-laws at any time without prior notice. Cockburn ARC will inform teams of significant changes and it is the teams’ responsibility to remain up-to-date with the rules of participation.
1.6 Please refer to the sport-specific rules relating to each particular sport.
1.7 FIBA 3 on 3 rules shall apply unless otherwise provided for in these By-Laws.

2. Team responsibilities

Checking in
Teams will be required to check in to notify stadium staff they are here. This is to be done 15 minutes prior to your first game.

Fixtures will be released on Wednesday 4 August. 

Player Registration
Teams will be required to register a minimum of 4 players, prior to Friday 6 August

Teams will be required to wear matching uniform.

3. Rule clarification

Winner of the Game
The first team to score 21 points with a 2 point or greater lead or whichever team is leading after 12 minutes will be deemed the winner of the game.

A shot outside the arc is worth 2 points
A shot inside the arc is worth 1 point
A free throw is worth 1 point

Check Ball
Possession of the ball given to either team following any dead ball situation shall start/resume with a check ball (An exchange of the ball between the defensive and offensive player behind the arc at the top of the playing court)

Possession of the ball
After a Score
After a score the opposing team receives the ball. Play will re commence at the top of the arc behind the line (Losers ball)
After a Rebound
After a rebound the defensive team must take the ball behind the arc line before being able to score again. This rule does not apply if possession is gained by the offensive team after a general turnover (Block/Steal)

Dead Ball
When a dead ball occurs, play will resume at the top of the arc. A check ball must be completed before play can resume. (A dead ball includes, common fouls when not shooting, travel, double dribble and other violations)

Any number of fouls can be called on a team. Personal fouls are not recorded unless unsportsmanlike or disqualifying fouls. If its deemed a player is consistently fouling, they will be subbed out for the remainder of the game.

Shooting Fouls
If a shooting foul occurs the player that got fouled receives 2 free throws, each free throw is worth 1 point each.

4. Payment/Refunds

All payments are made upon registration.

No refunds will be permitted.

5. Finals Structure

Finals will be played in the following format:
DIV A – will consist of the top 2 teams of each division.
DIV B – will consist of the 3rd and 4th teams of each division.
5th and 6th positions will not participate in finals.
Teams will play 2 rounds to get to the gold medal game, which will be the 3rd and final round. Teams who lose in the 2nd round, will playoff in a bronze medal game.

6. Scores / ladders

Scores will be logged after each match, which will contribute to an overall league ladder which will identify where your team plays in the playoffs.

7. Game times

Games will be run from 6pm-9pm. Games will go for 12 minutes, in 15-minute time slots.

8. Misconduct

Players and spectators shall be subject to an incident report by the umpires/referees or Management for any form of misconduct. Misconduct shall include, but is not limited to:
  •  Abusive language;
  • Unsporting conduct;
  • Undue rough play;
  • Resisting, striking, and attempted striking and;
  • Violating Terms and Conditions of Entry of Cockburn ARC.

9. Insurance

All players are responsible for their own insurance.

All players play at their own risk.

All participants authorise Cockburn ARC to obtain medical/ambulance assistance for them in the case of an accident or emergency involving them and agree to reimburse Cockburn ARC on demand for all costs incurred in obtaining such assistance.
© COCKBURN ARC - CITY OF COCKBURN           Privacy Policy

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