Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this consultation?
The purpose of this consultation is to inform members, user groups, clubs and customers of Cockburn ARC about the proposed expansion to part of this facilities and to provide an opportunity to comment on the proposal.
Who is being consulted on this proposed project?
The City is directly consulting with the following stakeholders:
  • Members of Cockburn ARC
  • Customers of Cockburn ARC
  • Representative(s) of user groups currently using Cockburn ARC
  • Representative(s) of clubs currently using Cockburn ARC

Although the City is consulting with the above stakeholders, anyone interested in this project can also be involved in the consultation by completing the comment form online via the comment on Cockburn website, or by emailing or phoning 94113344
Why is the City considering expanding the Health and Fitness areas at Cockburn ARC?
The City of Cockburn is committed to providing high quality sport and recreational facilities that engage its community in physical activity.

Cockburn ARC officially opened in May 2017 and since then has recorded over 3.4 million attendances by members, residents and questions, significantly more than original projections. In response to higher than projected member and attendance numbers, a recent review has identified the gym and group fitness spaces as reaching capacity and not able to meet the growing needs of the local community in terms of population growth.
What works are proposed as part of the expansion?
While the final scope of the project is unable to be confirmed at this time, the following works are being considered as part of the project subject to available funds and Council resolution;
  • Increase the size of the gym to 1,500m2 (560m2 increase)
  • Increase the size of the Body and Mind studio to 250m2 (140m2 increase)
  • Relocate and complete modifications to Main Group Fitness studio
  • Relocate the Indoor Cycle Studio to a smaller space of 80m2 (20m2 reduction)
  • Convert administration spaces on health and fitness level to programmable spaces and establishing administration space in other areas of the facility
  • The City is also considering converting the gym to 24-hour access in response to community feedback.

It is important to note that the project has no set budget; and whilst these works have been identified to be explored as part of the project, all may not be possible due to estimated costs. If the City is unable to undertake some of the proposed works due to budget constraints, these maybe considered in future capital works or completed in a staged approach.
What works will not be considered as part of the project?
The following areas/items of the facility are not being considered for expansion at this time:
  • Aquatic areas including spa, sauna, wellness area
  • Indoor sports stadium
  • Plunge and Co café
  • Leased spaces
This project also excludes programming changes or equipment upgrades, however, the City may consider such requirements once the expansion is complete.
Will the City consider additional works requested by member’s/user groups?
The City will consider all requests made as part of this consultation that relate to the areas proposed to be addressed in this expansion project. The feedback provided will be used to priories works.

The feedback provided will be used to prioritise works. If the City is unable to accommodate some requests due to budget constraints, these maybe considered in future capital works projects.
How will be expansion works be funded?
The funds for the expansion project will be proposed as part of the City’s capital works budget.

Until the budget is adopted by Council, the City is unable to commit to this expansion project however, consultation is being conducted now in order for planning and specific costs to be developed.
Will use of the facility be interrupted whilst the expansion is taking place?
To ensure the health and safety of staff, members, customers, user groups, club members and contractors, there will be some interruptions expected. The City will ensure any disruptions are kept to a minimum. Details regarding impacts on access or programming will be provided closer to the construction works.
Will the expansion of health and fitness facilities result in an increase in membership fees?
The City offers state-of-the-art leisure facilities that provide a broad range of physical activity opportunities to get its residents active, more often. Cockburn ARC currently has over 1.4 million people that utilise programs and services on an annual basis and the City is extremely conscious of the charges it sets for all the services on offer.

Each year, part of the process for setting the fees and charges at Cockburn ARC includes an industry review, where comparisons are made for similar services against those of other local governments and private enterprise facilities. The City always seeks to remain competitive with its pricing structure in relation to the quality of the facility and services provided.
When does the customer consultation period close and how can I make a comment?
The City conducted its stage 1 consultation in February 2019, inviting over 6,000 active health and fitness members to complete a comprehensive survey to provide feedback on the existing Health and Fitness spaces at Cockburn ARC.

Stage one consultation closed on 8 February 2019 and a total of 1,987 people responded and a copy of the results is available here.

Stage 2 consultation will commence on Monday 25 November 2019 and conclude on Friday 20 December 2019.
What happens next?
The results of stage 2 consultation will be collated and presented to Council seeking endorsement to progress to the next stage of the project – detailed design.

During this stage, the City will appoint a design team to develop detailed design and schematics based on the outcomes of stages 1 and 2 of community consultation. The results of the consultation will be provided to respondents via email.
Who do I contact for more information?
For more information, please contact the Cockburn ARC Manager on 9411 3344 or email